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This privacy policy applicable to the website

The user of this website must read and understand the following:

  1. Mallorca Publishing Services reserves the right to update their privacy policy at any time and to comply with eventual changes in legislation or jurisprudence. Should the user have doubts or needs clarification of this privacy policy and the user's rights, then they can contact Mallorca Publishing Services through the channels indicated above.

  2. The user declares that the data they provide, now or in the future, is correct and true. 

  3. Responsible for processing personal data collected on this website is Mallorca Publishing Services, business address and contact details can be found on this page.

  4. The users data will be processed for managing relations with them, to deal with their requests and enquiries, for the administration and management of the security of the website and in order to comply with the legal obligations. The information may also be used for analytical purposes and to improve the quality of services. We also may process the users data in order to send commercial communications.

  5. The users data will be archived for the length of the term set forth in the applicable legal provisions and during the time necessary to deal with possible liabilities arising from processing. The users data will be removed from our archive and deleted when these are no longer necessary or pertinent for the purposes for which they were compiled. Browser information will be cancelled once the connection to the website is finalised and the statistics drawn up. The information processed for commercial purposes will remain in effect until such time as a request is made for it to be deleted.

  6. Data of users will not be communicated to third parties as long as there is no legal obligation to do so.

  7. Reason for processing the users personal data is to manage the legal relations with them, to comply with legal obligations and legitimate interest in managing the security and quality of the website and to promote our services.

  8. The user is entitled to obtain the data stored about them at any time. The user also can ask for their personal data to be deleted at any time.

 For further information about your rights and how to exercise them, go to the website of the Spanish Data Protection Agency at

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